What makes a good travel website

good website

Optimized Hypertext™ that is helpful, accurate and entertaining. Maps and diagrams that allow travelers to visualize. Images that are not only beautiful, but pertinent. Advertisements that pertain to travelers’ needs, preferences and budget. Easy to say, but…

Information design

Not just facts, but guidance carefully designed to educate travelers with the information and opinions they want and need.

Navigation design

Conservatism is a virtue here. Make it simple, easy and intuitive. Use what’s already familiar. Don’t make travelers learn a new or complicated system. Cool is out. Plain is in.


In the Internet Age, is doubly important. Travelers can’t use your site if they don’t know it’s there. How will they learn about it?

Links: Inbound & Outbound

Completely different? Not always. Both inbound and outbound links are not an after-thought, but crucial elements in travel website success.

Search engine ranking

Showing up on the first few pages of search engine results is essential for success. But how can your site be among the top 10, not the bottom 1,000,000?

Word of mouth

The best publicity for a travel website is the best for a guidebook, a magazine, a movie, a restaurant, a destination: good old word-of-mouth. How do you get it?

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