Why a writer’s website?

Marco Polo‘s account of his travels to China and Mongolia, bound in vellum, was attached by a chain to a railing along the Grand Canal in his native Venice so that passers-by could read it as they liked. For free.

That was a kind of publishing. But you had to be in Venice, standing out of doors by the Grand Canal, with no one in line before you, to read it. Such a deal!

Six centuries later, we have an info source by which we can publish our writing to the entire world, immediately, with pictures, at very little cost, whether we write about travel, or any other subject whatsoever. Miraculous!

The advantages of the Web over print are:

1. The Web is the first place travelers now look for info

2. Readership (ie, distribution) is never less than global

3. When the writer is the publisher, complete editorial, artistic and commercial control remains with the writer

4. Info published on the Web can be changed at any time from anywhere in the world

5. When the writer is the publisher, the writer gains the great benefit of self-branding (see What Is Your Platform?)

6. The Internet is the prime information medium from now on. All other media are secondary!

Where do people look first for info?
The Internet!
Everything else is secondary.

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