Web Hosting

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Your website host is the company that puts your website online. It loads your site into its computers (servers) and “serves” it up on the Internet, making it available to the world.

Your website host is not (or not necessarily) your ISP (Internet Service Provider), that is, the company that gives you access to the Internet via a dial-up phone line, or broadband connection such as cable modem or DSL.

Some ISPs are also web hosts, but not all. AOL is an ISP, but not a web host. Earthlink is both an ISP and a web host. Pair Networks is a web host, but not an ISP.

Actually, a web hosting company is not essential. You might be able to host your site on your own computer, but the headaches are so great and varied and baroque, and the cost of having professionals do it so reasonable, that few serious websites are served from home or small office computers.

What makes a good hosting service?

How to Find a Good WebDesigner?

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On another page (Do-it-Yourself or Hire a Web Designer?) I told my tale of woe with a web designer who refused to do what I wanted done. Instead, the designer made a site that would appeal to other designers, but that normal people would find difficult to use.

This syndrome is left from the early days of the World Wide Web when every company wanted a website but knew nothing about websites, nor about how their customers might use them. In such a situation, companies were happy to leave everything to web designers.

Not knowing much about the companies or their clients, the designers made sites that were cool and innovative and impressed their designer colleagues. They had no idea whether or not these sites would satisfy normal visitors.

Make Your Website Yourself or Hire a Webside Developer?

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I’m very much a do-it-yourselfer so there was little doubt I would teach myself to do simple website design. After all, I’m something of a gearhead anyway. I built ham radios in my youth, I mastered the pre-Internet BBS technology, and I love computers.

Another factor helped make my decision: most of the web designs I saw on the Internet…sucked. They were complicated, gaudy, over-wrought and distracting. They took forever to download over my dial-up connection, and they didn’t help me find what I was looking for, they hindered.

So I designed my own sites, and I designed and built simple sites for a few of my consulting clients.

How to Make Good Website Page Design

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The basics of good page design are simple:

1. Make pages simple, straightforward, uncluttered, appealing. Don’t overload.

2. Make them small in file size so they’ll download fast over a dial-up connection.

3. Eschew graphics that move or flash. They distract the user from his/her object of finding information.

4. Write pages in Optimized Hypertext, hypertext broken down into text objects, (short blocks or pages of text) with each text object conveying a discrete concept or related group of facts.

5. Take basic steps to optimize your pages for search engines