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Make Your Website Yourself or Hire a Webside Developer?

Posted ago by fatih

I’m very much a do-it-yourselfer so there was little doubt I would teach myself to do simple website design. After all, I’m something of a gearhead anyway. I built ham radios in my youth, I mastered the pre-Internet BBS technology, …

The print media revenue model

Posted ago by fatih

“How do you make a small fortune in publishing?” went a joke current in the 1950s. “Simple! You start with a large fortune.” In the 1950s and ’60s, many publishers were rich people who wanted to make a creative, cultural …

Will my website make money?

Posted ago by fatih

Web writers must be business-like. Your Mantra? Multiple revenue sources! Ah, the good old days of newspaper, magazine and book writing: you submit your work and get a check (well, youy hope you’ll get a check…before you die.) That was …